The story of Tchan-ZÂca

Welcome to Tchan-Zâca (pronounced CHA-HN + ZA-KAH), the primary island of our metaverse.

Situated in an archipelago of floating islands, Tchan-Zâca is a thriving city. Currently, the archipelago is residing at the coordinates of 42 degrees South and 158 degrees East, drifting Eastwards.

Tap to hear the sound of Tchan-Zâca

The First Developed Areas of Tchan Zaca

Upon your visit you will be able to visit the Pataphysics campus, the cable-car that moves by avatar power, the cold lake located in the highest volcano, the hot lake located in the smallest volcano, and of course, the museums, art galleries, artist studios, concerts, and awe-inspiring cultural venues. We are pleased to welcome you all to experience Tchan-Zâca!

The floating island

A city surrounded by palms, mountains and silver birch. This lush natural environment is a premier location to feature real world endangered flora. The entire island is 3 kilometers across, but the city itself would take you three whole days to explore since its plan is built on a spiral.

Natural Wonders
of Tchan-Zâca

One of the natural wonders on Tchan-Zâca is its inactive volcano. The now empty cavity of the volcano’s mouth functions as a basin that collects rainwater. This phenomenon has become a most unique feature for the city’s power generation. As this basin is always overflowing and regenerating its water supply, the overflow takes form as a waterfall.

This waterfall provides hydroelectricity for the city’s grid. This hydroelectric supply is essential, as there is a network of turbines along Tchan-Zâca’s coastline. These turbines  function as propellers which will steer Tchan-Zâca on a course for any desired direction. Jonathan states that, “By adding turbines to Tchan-Zâcas coast we can now steer the island to any part of the world we want.

The Metaverse

Tchan-Zâca is a magical place filled with wonder and surprises around every corner. The island is not just a metaverse that we are building with 3D programs like Unity and Blender, each element within the island has a purpose, meaning, and story. Delachaux worked with a geologist, biologist, volcanologist, and astrologist to ensure the elements, details, and configuration of the island are congruent with nature.