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Our $MART Token Utility & Tokenomics

Access to ArtMeta is split into two dimensions. First, there are several districts within the island of ArtMeta, the number of districts that can be accessed are limited based on access rights gained through token ownership and staking. Second, the activities that can be performed and the products that can be participated in require specific membership rights.

In public pre-sales, users will be able to purchase authority scores and access rights ranging from Visitor to Citizen. A full breakdown of the districts can be found below:

Token Utility

$MART will contain (but is not limited to) the following use cases:

Medium of exchange in the Metaverse.

Staking for experience access: Holding $MART tokens grants access to several exclusive features within the Metaverse.

Staking for exclusive access: Token holders will continue to get first access to events and NFTs drops.

Access to Participation in Sale of Fragmented Artworks: Some artworks will be split into fragments. The fragmentation enables joint ownership of artworks by various users.

Customization of Avatar: Enables the user to change their avatar.

ArtMeta’s Product Innovation:
Initial Artwork Offering, IAO

As part of its first product innovation, the ArtMeta Ecosystem enables blue-chip artwork owners to offer all or part of their masterpieces for sale. Participation in an offering requires the basic ArtMeta KYC, staked $MART token ownership, and ArtMeta membership depending on the desired stage of participation.

Blue-Chip artworks are specific masterpieces that have high quality, are unique, historically important and recognized, and highly valued. Ownership of blue-chip art fractions and the hierarchy in ArtMeta society can provide extra privileges and ease the access for participation in each offering round.

The start and period of the sale for each Artwork offering will be announced well in advance, like a launchpad, so the users can have enough time to stake the required $MART tokens for their desired participation round.


The vesting schedule for IDO participants from TrustSwap and Polkastarter is as follows:

7AM UTC 14th July 2022: $MART listed on QuickSwap

8AM UTC 14th July 2022: $MART listed on Gate.io & MEXC

9AM UTC 14th July 2022: 25% of public round airdropped

14th September 2022: public round linear vesting begins

14th January 2023: public round tokens fully vested

TrustSwap IDO participants to claim tokens here:

Polkastarter IDO participants to claim tokens here:

Claiming your tokens is easy:
1. Go to team.finance
2. Link your wallet
3. Claim your $MART tokens

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